H Type Facade Scaffold System

The installation of H Type Facade Scaffold System is fast and easy. It consists of standard components. The system is constructed using modules that occupy 5m² area by using 1 H-foot, 1 horizontal straight bar and 2 cross bars. In these modules, bottom adjustment shafts, steel walking boards, platform or flat climbing ladders and lean-to wall components with pipe clamps are used as auxiliary components. As a standard, H type scaffold system consists of panels produced from 42*2,5 mm pipes with TSI certificate and consists of horizontal and cross connections, which connect the panels, produced from 27*2,5 mm pipes with TSI certificate. Bottom adjustment shafts are used to construct the balanced scaffold system. The scaffold system is fixed with connection apparatus to building’s facade to be installed. The scaffold system is produced by our automatic gas metal arc welding machines in our factory and the production is completed with 2 layers of rapid paint.

It is a high safety scaffold system developed as 'H' type facade scaffold that aims the safety and satisfaction of the customer. 

It enables safe working when installed with standard components.

It is a useful, reliable and innovative scaffold system that we offer to domestic and international markets.