Cup-Lock Scaffold

The cup-lock scaffold consists of panel, cross connection and working platform. Access to the working area is provided by a ladder on the scaffold or by hanging stairs (deck ladder). Varied measurements are projected according to the working height. Cup-lock facade scaffold system consists of vertical elements produced from TSI certified pipes with 48 * 3 mm and horizontal connectors made from pipes with 48 * 2,5 mm TSI certificate which connect them together. The connection points consist of bottom cup, upper cup and almond. The scaffold system is secured to the facade of the building to be installed with the connection apparatus. Bottom adjusting spindles are used in order to install the scaffold system on scales. The production of scaffold system is produced by our automatic gas welding machines in our factory and ended by painting with 2 layers of rapid paint.

The cup-lock scaffold system has maximum capacity of load carrying especially as mold-bottom scaffold. It has the feature to be installed from various angles in the interior and exterior facade of oval and circular structures and in the restoration works. It provides practicability and convenience in its use and installation compared to the flanged scaffolds.