H Type Cup Mold Scaffold

The systems of Cup Tower-Type Supporting Scaffold is interchangeably and effortlessly installed without any connection apparatus (wedge, pin, cup etc.) or hammering in the easiest way. Since the tower system provides a horizontal connection every 50 cm in consideration of its structure, it is not necessary to use an auxiliary stair during installation. The cup tower scaffold system is installed as independent towers. If the towers installed need to be replaced by tower cranes, cross elements should be completely used. If the change of place is not required, towers do not always have to be connected with cross elements in themselves, however the cross elements must be used up to certain distances from below and above at very high distances.

The cup tower scaffold system is consisted as 100 × 100 cm and 120 × 120 cm on the ground and accords with any intended height up to a maximum height of 12 m. In case of H20 Wooden Girder is used as main carrier, the towers with 120x120 cm, if 10/10cm woods are used, the tower with 100x100cm should be preferred. The cup tower system consists of a maximum of 6 different elements ;

1- Bottom Adjusting Spindle
5-CROSS (Diagonal)

H-Ending frame is used under the upper adjusting spindles in case of Upper Square Frame is not used. The main vertical pipes used in the system are produced from industrial pipes with Ø 48 / 3mm, the horizontal connectors are made from 40 x 60 x 2mm Profile, the cross elements are made from the industrial pipes with Ø 34 / 2,5mm, the adjusting spindles are produced from industrial pipes with Ø 40 / 4mm and the 4-way cap is produced from plate of 8 mm.