Safe Facade Scaffold

Main components of the Safe Scaffold are panel, starting foot, adjustment shaft, horizontal and cross connections, walking platform, in-scaffold ladder, barrier and wall connection components. General principle of the system is that each floor has a horizontal connection at 50 and 100 cm and has a double row walking platform and the pass between the floors is provided by ladder platforms. Bottom adjustment shafts are used to balance the ground.

Safe scaffold system provides the maximum safety of workers during exterior facades works in high buildings.

Safe Scaffold System consists of panels produced from 48*3 mm pipes with TSI certificate and consists of horizontal and cross connections, which connect the panels, produced from 34*2,5 mm pipes with TSI certificate, from steel boards and ladder platforms with increased meat thickness, side barriers, heel cup, starting foot and bottom adjustment shafts.

Bottom adjustment shafts are used to construct the balanced scaffold system. The installation of scaffold is carried out with respective installation of scaffold panel and steel board.

The scaffold system is fixed with connection apparatus to building’s facade to be installed. If requested in advance, the installation and disassembly of the safe scaffold system to be installed can be carried out by Halas İskele in accordance with your project.

Scaffold system is fixed with connection apparatus to building’s facade to be installed.

The scaffold system is produced by our automatic gas metal arc welding machines in our factory and the production is completed with 2 layers of rapid paint.

If requested, it can be galvanized.

*The design, installation and disassembly of scaffolds must be only made by experts.
*A safe working plan including personal fall protection equipment must be planned and applied.
*All scaffolds must be securely connected to facade and supported.
*The modifications must be made by experts.
*It shouldn’t work on the platforms which aren’t fully installed.
* Loads exceeded capacity should not be loaded on the scaffolds. Make sure that it can carry the loads that are placed on it.
*Make sure that there are proper ladder and stairs in order to reach working area.
*The scaffolds must be checked at regular intervals and in case of any fault is noticed, it must be fixed.